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While there are many ways to obtain the safety training a company needs, Montana offers to unique and comprehensive options: The Montana Department of Labor & Industry’s SafetyFest, and City College’s array of specific safety courses.



SafetyFestMT is a free, nationally-credentialed safety education conference offered by The Montana Department of Labor & Industry to employers and their workers in a few Montana communities each year. Along with a core curriculum consisting of common courses such as OSHA 10-Hour General Industry, OSHA 10-Hour Construction, Work Comp 101, Stay at Work/Return to Work, and others, SafetyFestMT also provides classes geared towards specific needs of the region and your workplace.

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City College, due to the presence of a strong cluster of large oil and gas industry employers in Billings, has long been a leader in providing a diverse set of short-term safety training. Some courses are offered regularly and others only as needed.

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