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Montana Career Lab is more than a resource to aid in career planning. The website features a collection of resources including publications, videos, activities, and online information to help make informed decisions about your future.

The centerpiece of Montana Career Lab's resources is the Montana Career Information System, known as MCIS. MCIS is an all-in-one career planning system that lets users search for and save detailed information on occupations, programs of study, scholarships, and interest esseements. It allows users to create personal portfolios where they can save their research, plan school courses, keep track of their applications, and generate custom resumes in multiple styles. Best of all, MCIS is free to use for all Montana residents. Just use the MCIS login, found on every page of Montana Career Lab.

For job seekers, whether you need to find employment as quickly as possible, or you're switching careers to find a better match, Montana Career Lab has something for you. The PEP Talk Personal Employment Plan is designed to help people with limited time develop a plan to get hired as quickly as possible. The Montana Career Guide is a start-to-finish career planning publication that walks users through each step of career planning, from exploring your interests to preparing for a job interview.

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