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...of employers believe that apprenticeship programs hepled meet their demand for skilled workers
...of employers believe that apprenticeship programs raise productivity, strengthen worker morale and improve safety
...of employers who offer an apprenticeship track would recommend it to other employers
...of employers believe that apprenticeship programs reliably showed which workers have the skills they needed

Tax Credit Opportunities
Provides opportunities for the tax credits and employee tuition benefits
Reduces turnover costs and increases employee retention
Creates flexible training solutions to meet national and local needs

Apprenticeship is Good for Business

Employers are increasingly worried about finding and holding on to good, skilled workers, and economists warn of a widening skills gap. What are employers to do? Apprenticeship—that age-old worker-training model that pairs on-the-job training with classroom instruction—just may be the solution to employers’ woes.

In the United States, a formal system of registered apprenticeship is administered by the U.S. Department of Labor. Companies register their program with the department’s Office of Apprenticeship, and in return, USDOL issues a nationally recognized certificate to workers at the company who complete an apprenticeship.

History has shown that apprenticeship offers a myriad benefits to employers. 97% percent of apprenticeship sponsors in the United States say they would recommend hiring an apprentice in some capacity. Here’s what apprenticeships can do:

  • Build a pipeline of skilled workers;
  • Recognize mastery of competencies specific to that employer;
  • Boost employee retention;
  • Save money on wages; and
  • Ensure a positive return on their investment.

For American employers looking for a skilled workforce, innovative policies promote a robust American apprenticeship system by raising public awareness, create incentives for businesses, steady certification standards, and improving coordination with other stakeholders. As businesses begin to realize this time-tested model will boost their bottom line, apprenticeship will become an even more valued and utilized training option.

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Taxs Credits for Hiring

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program is designed to assist individuals who are facing barriers transition into gainful employment. The tax credit can save Montana employers up to $9,600 per qualifying new hire during their first year of employment. The number of qualifying new hires is unlimited and is available to for-profit and tax-exempt organizations hiring job seekers from one of the following targeted groups.

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